Zhixing Zhang

Hefei City, China
Majoring in Computer Science & Engineering
Hefei No 8 High School
Class of 2018

VEX Robotics Competition - World Championship

This is the event I’ll never regret to attend. The whole tournament is just like a party, and there’s nothing better than watching my robot withstanding the challenges from 500+ teams in nearly 20 contests, winning the championship in the end. As the captain of the team, I’m 200% proud of it.

Application Development: Mac App Box

The Mac App Box is an macOS application I made for a company in Beijing. Using their database, the app has the capability of downloading, updating and uninstalling the applications on your Mac. Now, it already has over two million times of use.

Hardware Designing: Redbox, a Joystick Controller

I made this gadget as an attachment for VEX joystick. It is an improved version of the original VEX field controller, which is rare and expensive. I designed the circuits board, while a friend of mine helped 3D-printed the case. In the end, I sold 8 of them online.

VEX Robotics

These are the days when I was busy designing, constructing, programming and testing my robot for the tournaments. Loads of time and energy went into it: I used to work until midnight during school days, and sleep in the lab in winter breaks. One will never get tired of doing things he truly love.

JENEsys: Japan Exchange Program

I won a Japan government-funded scholarship for a 2-week cultural exchange with theme “modern technology.” The activities include school visits, home stay, tech lectures, factory visits, etc. I had a lot of fun, met some friends, and experienced an entirely different life style.

Game Development

In my 10th grade I wanted to try some game developments. At the time Minecraft was popular, so I tried to make a reproduction of it as a practice. To be honest, my work is really primitive, yet it does have the essential gaming logic of Minecraft - left click to destroy and right click to create.