Majoring in Viral Dancing
Still learning
Class of 2013

My Story

ZeeMee started as a movement to help students get seen. It birthed through a passion to remind us all that we are more than a score. We are people...people with passions...people with triumphs and failures...with desires that make us all unique. We love celebrating that here at ZeeMee.

Building our MVP

We worked with a great team in L.A. that helped us shape and design the ZeeMee platform. Being on Venice Beach everyday was tough though. Watching the sunset, drinking iced tea, going for walks, oh yeah and building a product kept us quite busy for those months.

ACAC conferences

Our team flew all over the U.S. this spring to hang out with all of the amazing college admissions reps and high school counselors that make up the ACAC conferences. We met some amazing people that are making a tremendous impact in students lives. But we also had a pretty good time. We call it work

Meet the team

We know we are biased but we are convinced that we have one of the best teams around and have one of the best work cultures. One thing is for sure, no company dances like ZeeMee. Our company slogan: The team that dances together, stays together.

ZeeMee in the news

Any chance we get to share about the impact we are having on students and their future, we love it. We are thankful to everyone that is giving us a platform to share the story!