Weston Eric Schoon

Holsbybrunn, Sweden
Majoring in Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiencial Learning
Inspire School of Arts and Sciences
Class of 2015

My Story

Born to a Swedish father, and an American mother, in a small Swedish village the stage was set for me to be a blend of cultures. At the age of 7 we moved across the world to China, and at 16 to California, adding more color to my mixed palette. 3 countries, 3 languages, 3 cultures...all in one life.

Service Work

Family and school taught me that helping others is an important part of life. Raking leaves at an orphanage, painting rooms, playing games with kids, teaching English, and raising money for children devastated by the '08 Sichuan earthquake, are some opportunities I was privileged to be a part of.

Traveling/Exploring the world

The world is one giant playground that I've explored growing up. I've spent time in over 20 different counties and learned that friends are made in the heart, and race truly does not matter!

Outdoor Adventure

The world is a playground, so I play.


In 8th grade I got up on a stage, acted like someone I was not, lived a life that wasn't mine, and became hooked on something called theater.


I started playing hand drums in China and found that it was a great fit for me since they can go with me wherever I go. I have busked on the streets of China with a group of friends, played in America at the farmer's market of Chico California, and in different Christian bands.


Sports are important because they cross language barriers and create opportunities for new friends anywhere.


What can I say, the world is beautiful.