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Srey Nich Vunn

Major not declared
Jay Pritzker Academy
Class of 2016

My Story

My personal tagline is Don't Whisper- Sing! Don't Fear- Live! I grew up in a Cambodian village. I wake up to views of rice fields, palm trees, and buffalo. I am surrounded by open, warm-hearted people. I will brighten the world by bringing quality, accessible education to my country.

Founder and Creator of Guitar Club

I love music. Growing up, my dad would always play Cambodian songs from the 60's on his radio. I learned to play guitar on my own and have shared this beautiful experience with other students by creating the first guitar club at school. We perform for assemblies and other special events.

Study Tour to Florence, Italy

Going on a trip to Florence, Italy was a life changing experience. It was my first time visiting another country. It was great to hear stories from the locals and see incredible styles of art and architecture in real life. I will never forget that invaluable experience.

Dad's Assistant

My dad always brings me along when he shows tourists around Siem Reap. I have met people from America, England, Australia, South Africa and so many other countries. I love listening to their stories and sharing my culture with them. These interactions have made me into a more confident woman.

Student Council

I was elected to be the School Vice President on my third attempt. Now, I am the School President in my senior year. As the school President, I organize school events, inspire young students, and improve my public speaking skills. Being a leader requires grit and I have it!

Life Long Friendship

I've been with my 22 classmates since we were in grade 6. We grew up together and we support each other through life's ups and downs. We work hard to take every opportunity to be successful. I am so lucky in my first chapter of life. Our story will continue in a new and exciting ways.

The Love of Running

I love running. I jog almost every weekend after school. I find running relaxing because it helps me to release stress. Twice I participated in the Angkor Wat Marathon, which is a charity run around the amazingly beautiful area around Angkor Wat.