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Vidya Golla

Major not declared
Sreenidhi International School
Class of 2020

Glamorously (Entrepreneurship)

Started my own company 4 years ago selling products for girls, by girls! I sell my products through word-of-mouth, flyers, and most successfully on-line through social media. Everything (except apparel) is home-made! I stress on eco-friendly up-cycled packaging, free candy, and spreading love.


I've been singing for a long time! From playing Belle in the school's Beauty and the Beast musical, to writing our band's lyrics, to now being close to releasing original tracks (stay tuned), music has always been important! No wonder The Voice is my favorite show.

Community Service

The best kind of happiness is seeing other people smile! I've worked on various projects, events, fundraisers, and activities to give back to my community. (underprivileged or not!) Read the captions for information.


Art has literally been the centre of my life and universe. I've been trying to draw my 'suns' and 'humans' as good as my mom and dads' since I was a wee tot. I love the tranquillity and closeness you feel towards not only yourself, but to all other forces, when it's just you and the paint.

Secret Santa's Helping Hands (Community Service)

SSHH is a drive started by me and my friend, where we collected gently used and unused toys, books, stationary and clothing. We turning into Santa's little elves in our workshop and hand wrapped each gift to give to schools, orphanages, hospitals and churches for the underprivileged on Christmas!

Student Council

I am the Cultural Secretary of my school and was the Deputy Cultural Secretary in 11th. My work mainly focuses on planning, managing and executing school events. I also help by leading discussions, organizing and distributing work and duties, and counseling younger children.