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Todd Lechi

Major not declared
Quoc Hoc - Hue high school for the gifted
Class of 2014

My Story

I'm an asian boy with a passion for adventures and exploring. I always find life short and limited, so I believe that we should live, enjoy our lives and do whatever we want so that a the end of our lives, we don't have to regret, we don't have to say "what if?".

Being the class monitor

Being the class monitor, I had to take care most of the social and academic activities in the class, informing students about any of the school's decisions and notes. And I brought the class to the top 5 best classes in high school.

Member of HueUMP's English club

Member of HueUMP's Blue blouse charity club

There are 4 main activities in the club: visiting Vietnamese Heroic Mother Ly, visiting kids with blood cancer, visiting kids at Tuong Lai school for mental disability, and gathering recyclable trash for disabled kids to create crafts to sell.

Member of Quoc Hoc's music club

I sang for many important events like for school's camping trips, flag salute ceremonies, performance against other high schools. Especially I won the second prize in a singing competition - Hit by you - held for all the students in Hue.

Teaching English for charity

I teach English for a Thien Sanh family which is a charity group. The class was founded by Dr. Thuy Hang. At first, we agreed to teach without salary but later, Dr. Hang still paid me a small amount of money based on the fund she had.

A member of Thien Sanh charity organization

Being a part of the charity group, we usually take part in many charity activities such as: helping doctors give medical checkups for the poor in remote areas, volunteering for many programs for the disabled, the blind, etc.

A member of SEA - Success English Academy

The organization was new and we’re trying our best to make it more popular to students in Hue in order to teach them English as well as hold for them many events in which they can interact with English native speakers.


I mostly sing, but I can also play guitar and piano. I enjoy music so much that I believe it has taught me pretty much everything I know about life.