What students are saying

Kenneth Kenneth

"ZeeMee is perfect for my major and for showing off to potential employers! It definitely shows off my craft in a very dynamic and simple way that everyone can enjoy."

Kenneth | Willingboro, NJ
Hannah Hannah

"Last night, I got accepted into Elon University. I felt that it was necessary to notify you, because ZeeMee was such a huge and well needed boost for my application!"

Hannah | Yarmouth, ME
Brendan Brendan

"I like the concept of integrating social media with the college application process. ZeeMee reminds me of a Facebook page that you would want a college admissions counselor to see."

Brendan | Glen Rock, NJ
Claire Claire

"I like that it encourages you to be casual and open with the world. It doesn't feel like I have to try to be anything. Instead, I get to just show who I am."

Claire | Goodyear, AZ
Todd Todd

"I love ZeeMee. I think this is a brilliant way to show the applicants' abilities, characteristics and many other aspects they cannot see just from the application forms."

Todd | Hue, Vietnam
Jannette Jannette

"What I like about ZeeMee is that you get to give information about your interests and activities. You also get to upload photos!"

Jannette | Dallas, TX
Jack Jack

"Excellent way of sharing who I am with the world! I am super excited and more than ready to enter into the universe of college. Thank you!"

Jack | Pearland, TX
Jen Jen

"Everything is explained very well, so I am having no trouble at all getting started!"

Jen | Merrimac, MA
Will Will

"So far, the website has been easy to use and even easier to show who I am."

Will | Sheridan, WY