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Stefanie Taggart

Hackettstown, NJ
Major not declared
Centenary University

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My Story

Horseback Riding

When I first started really getting into competing I had my solid appaloosa, Reed. With him we went into all the rings; Adult Equitation, Adult Hunter, and Level 0 and 1 Jumpers. Now with my warmblood, Beau, we are in the pleasure ring and I am teaching him how to jump!

Social Media

I get to have the pleasure of creating and maintaining the Admission Office's social media accounts. Everything from planning, creating, and posting the content comes right from the office. I thought I would love creating the most, but it's interacting with all the students that I love the most.

Hiking and Fishing

It wasn't until recently that I have found a love for hiking and fishing, I even caught my first fish not too long ago! Exploring nature is so peaceful and beautiful. The one thing I won't do is put a live worm on my hook while fishing, I would much rather use a fake one!

My Territory

I get the pleasure of recruiting for the Equine Department. Anyone who is interested in majoring in Equine Studies or Pre-Vet I get to help guide through the admissions process. I also get the joy of traveling to different horse shows and events.