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Sophia Munoz

Major not declared
Cornerstone Christian School San Antonio
Class of 2016

My Story

Hello! I’m a first generation rancher raised in South Texas. I have a passion for family, friends, sports medicine and Boer Goats. I fell in love with sports medicine when I became a student athletic trainer. Since then I’ve never looked back and envision a future in orthopedics.

Lead Student Athletic Trainer

Filled with the tools of my trade, I wear my fanny pack with pride. I thrive on anatomy and physiology. My friends can always find me in the AT room where the smell of Gatorade and Theragesic lingers. I have a calling to serve others and hope to change the world one person at a time.

American Boer Goat Producer

It all started when my father gave me my first goat over five years ago. Since then, I have produced and raised over 150 animals. I’ve had my share of heartaches and successes in growing my herd. I work with the genetics lab at the University of California - Davis for my DNA registry. #lovegoats


I've always been a fielder until I was thrust out of my comfort zone into first base. I overcame the jitters and look forward to my last season at the plate as captain of the team.

School Organizations & Clubs

From the National Honor Society to the Humane Society. I've served in many organizations which have made me more aware of the needs and challenges facing my community. Giving back will always be important to me. I believe actions speak louder than words.

Leadership & Academic Programs

I've made great connections with faculty and students from all over the great state of Texas. Leadership comes in many forms and it's not always the loudest voice that can make a difference. I've learned to recognize and unleash my leadership potential.

Mi Famila

I would be not be where I am today without the support of my family. From an Atomic Bomb Radio Operator to a Combat Medic, both my grandfather and father served in the US Army of this great nation. My faith, family, friends and animals mean the world to me.