Raul Garcia

Managua, Nicaragua
Majoring in Management Science & Engineering
Stanford University
Class of 2020

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My Story

I was born Sept. 4, 1998 in Guatemala. At the age of 3 I moved to Nicaragua, away from all my family; but our separation actually drew us closer, as I now cherish every second I get to spend with them. The most important things in my life are God, family, service, and my country. Ready to meet me?

HACIA Democracy

HACIA Democracy is a model OAS debate summit in which countries from all over Latin America come together and discuss rising issues in the region. The two times I've participated in HACIA I've had the amazing opportunity to grow as a person and further develop my social and problem solving skills.

DALE Nicaragua

Ever since I entered the world of debate, I fell in love with it. This is how I ended up organizing a national wide model OAS here in Nicaragua called DALE. I wanted to share my passion with the rest of Nicaragua, and starting as the director of Spanish committees, in 2016, I served as president.

Student Council

Last year I had the amazing opportunity of being elected Student Council president. My campaign was called ONE, and our motto was We Are One, because I believe that progress is achieved through unity! This experience allowed me to represent the student body and taught me to work for the public good.

AASCA Leadership (Guatemala '14-Panama '15)

AASCA Leadeship Conference is a summit were student leaders from all of Central America get together and exchange ideas to improve their communities! I've attended twice and the trips will definitely live in my memory forever! A true leader is not he who bosses around, but he who leads by example.


I'm a proud member of the National Honor Society of my school. In addition, I've joined the Science Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, which are the other two honor societies existent at my school. With them, we have worked towards the improvement of our community. I was also the 2014 NHS president.

KNOWLEDGE BOWL (Panama '12 - Guatemala '13)

My first international academic competition in high-school, knowledge bowl tested my scholarship of various subjects ranging from science to modern pop culture! On both of my trips I was elected team captain, which was a great opportunity for me to start developing my leadership skills.

Project Aware

As an ocean lover, I have done everything I can to get involved in activities related to marine life, hence my enthusiasm for scuba diving! When I found out about Project Aware I was thrilled by the idea of cleaning the ocean bottom of a popular Nicaraguan beach. We collected 1.6 tons of trash!

The CAML Challenge

During AASCA Leadership 2015, I met Costa Rican student Nicole Brikner. After talking for a while, we realized that we shared a passion: Mathematics. This is how the idea for the Central American Mathematics League was born: a regional math conference promoting the use of math to aid the community!