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Parmita Bawankule

Major not declared
Lynbrook High School
Class of 2017

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My Story

Hi there! My name's Parmita and I'm a 17-year-old girl who loves science, technology, art, and goofing off with friends :) Scroll down to learn more about the things I do!

Girls Who Create Founder

Founded Girls Who Create, a non-profit committed to bringing girls to the world of STEM. Developed a curriculum and led a summer camp to teach middle school girls about 3D printing, increase awareness of STEM careers, and boost confidence in public speaking.

Girls Who Code President

Lead a team of eleven people, manage weekly two-hour meetings with over 70 members, teach coding concepts to younger students, and organize events such as guest speakers and field trips.

E-STEAM Instructor

Work as an instructor at E-STEAM Education. Teach a 20-student class 3D printing and design concepts. Created a complete curriculum for 5 weeks of instruction and developed all teaching material.

Women in STEM Member

Learn and teach about various Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math topics, from cryptology to Fibonacci sequences, through weekly presentations and discussions with other high school girls. Also volunteer through Women in STEM to teach kids at local libraries through fun science experiments.

Spanish Honor Society Member

Engage with Spanish culture through competitions, socials, and presentations held only in Spanish. Earned national recognition for the National Spanish Exam.