Maurice Norman

Waxhaw, North Carolina
Majoring in Biochemistry
Union Academy
Class of 2016

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My Story

I live in the country so my life has been filled with an abundance of space. I've spent many hours exploring nature, from discovering landscapes to analyzing insects. This endless space has taught me that the world is even more vast; I live to discover all of the world's countless unknowns.

Track and Field

Running is both cathartic and exciting. I am heavily invested in Track and Field, as it is the only sport to capture and contain my interest over the years. The discipline I've gained through participation has been key in my development as a character.


I started writing around fifth grade for the sake of emotional stability. As I've grown older and more introspective, I've continued to sharpen this skill, finding new ways to apply it to life. Poetry is my means of connecting and relating to this world. It is my rock, and my wings.


I dabble in origami. I am no expert, yet, but I have become pretty exceptional in what I can make. Roses are my specialty, but I do dip my taste in various other creations. This art form fascinates me because who would think that the world can be mimicked from a simple sheet of paper.

Morehouse Interview Questions

RENAISSANCE MEN WITH A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE "There are five characteristics that I wish to hold above your heads along with the crown you will someday wear. I invite you to become well-read, well-traveled, well-spoken, well-dressed, and well-balanced." President Robert M. Franklin '75