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Maria Mukhanova

Major not declared
Lyceum at Russian State University for the Humanities on the basis of gymnasium 1540
Class of 2016

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French & Latin

I love languages. When you delve in learning of some language, you get acquainted with culture and traditions of peoples speaking it. You meet specific parts of the world, you cognize it. I read English, French and Latin poetry at the language conferences at my school.

Children Animation (Work)

Finally, I found the work for my soul. I enormously love to work with children. They are so sincere. They give me bright emotions and endless energy. And even when you pretend to be pirate or Cinderella playing with them, you remain yourself.

Community Service (Volunteer)

I help EducationUSA Center arrange events, conferences, and sessions; translate at the international fairs. Also I spend time with orphans, care for veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Music: Vocal, Instrumental (guitar & piano & drum)

I finished music school specializing on guitar, piano and vocal; I participate in regional competitions and performances from school (won first prize ''Music Vibrations''). Also I take classes of drum playing.

Drama & Musical Theater

Stage is a place where I feel free. Playing in the theater has completely changed me. Thanks to it I am who I am. I participated in many competitions and concerts of school, local, and regional level, won first prize in "Youth Theaters Hope", filmed in many pictures.