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Lua McGimsey

Major not declared
Myers Park High School
Class of 2016

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My Story

One thing I wish everybody could do is go out of their comfort zone and travel. Being biracial, I often travel to China and every time I go, I see something different. I love the stories everyone has to tell from their different backgrounds. The world amazes me and someday I want to see all of it.

Orchestras & Symphonies

Traveling to China

I have been traveling to China almost every summer since I was 2 years old to visit my family and I'm very lucky to have a wealth of culture exposed to me in both China and America. Because of my background, I am able to explore two different worlds and, one day, merge them together through medicine

Miss Asia Carolinas Pageant

I learned about many cultures of Asia. We competed in many events such as Cultural Presentation, Congeniality, and Cultural Performance. It was an amazing experience because I learned so much about each culture and made great friends. I was awarded the Cultural Presentation Award.


I've been modeling since signing with Carolina Talent at 14. I've modeled in charity runway shows for Guess along with some designers like 1104 Apparel. I also enjoy print modeling and someday hope to be printed in a magazine.This is important to me because I want to be a role model for young girls.


I love making fun short films with my friends. I think it's so fun to make up a story, film it with a bunch of fun props, and edit it just how I envision. It combines art, music, photography, and design. Making short films let me express my creativity, while still catering to others' entertainment.

Medical Job Shadowing

I am currently in the process of shadowing medical doctors for my Graduation Project. I am comparing Eastern and Western Medicine. So far, I have shadowed Dr. Atkinson, a clinical physician, and I have already learned greatly about his medical practices, as well as his views on types of medicine.