Kyare Turner

Washington DC
Majoring in Business with a concentration of management
Morehouse College
Class of 2019

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My Story

I was raised in the city of District of Columbia by a single mother who also raised 3 other children. I am the oldest out of four, so I have to take the responsibility to carry myself differently. She taught me to always stay positive and humble!

Interview Questions

These questions are based on my beliefs and what everyone should consider to take in. You don't have to listen but it is highly recommended!

Reach Inc.

Reach is a non-profit organization that hire and train high school students to tutor 2nd and 3rd grade students. This ultimately shaped me to who I am today. I call them my Reach family. I am also an author of two childrens books, The Gloomy Light and Khalil's Swagtown Adventure. Its on amazon!!!


Shakur-Robeson is a male mentoring group that speaks upon African Americans. It is a leadership project and our mentors help developed us as a better person or black man per say. This group impact my decision to attend Morehouse College. Shout out to Maurice Wilkins and Ricardo Neal!


In my 2nd and 3rd year of high school, I ran indoor track and I also ran cross country. this helped me mentally and an increased my discipline. I also ran indoor track and cross country. That developed my discipline.

Work study

I was working for Morehouse Technology Group and I am getting more experience for my field of study which is Engineering. I am interested in Hardware but right now I am doing more of software.