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Kassi Flam

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My Story

Hi, I'm Kassi, your friendly Christianson Tutor and Newsletter Contributor. I'm trying out ZeeMee to see how user-friendly it is. Join me as we explore all that ZeeMee has to offer. Here are some pictures of me and my cat! (Because who doesn't like cats?)

Christianson Tutor

I joined the Christianson team in the summer of 2014. I cover SAT and ACT tutoring all over the Lehigh Valley, and I sometimes take students in Reading and West Chester. I have also helped out in Marketing, and now here I am writing for the Newsletter!


Outside of Christianson, I love to write. My first short story will be published in the "Seven Deadly Sins" anthology in just a couple of months, and I'm currently in the throes of overhauling my first original novel. Check out my website (because my real name won't fit on a book)


I started out on the flute in third grade and eventually won a scholarship to the Sunderman Conservatory at Gettysburg College, where I learned to sing, compose, and play a little piano. Now I'm teaching myself guitar (sort of) and playing in a folk trio.


Reading has always been my very, very, very favorite thing to do. It's hard to pick a favorite book but, gun to my head, I'd have to say Watership Down . And Harry Potter. And yes, that is the Deathly Hallows sign on my shoulder.

Traveling to Greece

About half my father's family still lives in Greece, and I've been visiting every few years since I was eight. A few years ago I spent three months living and working on a horse farm in Corfu.

Geez How Many Activities Am I Allowed To Include?!

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