Johan Vandegriff

Silver Spring, MD
Majoring in Electrical Engineering
North Atlantic Regional High School
Class of 2017

My Story

I'm Johan Vandegriff, and I am homeschooled. I like creating things, and because of this I enjoy being on a robotics team, and making electronics, computer programs, videos, and more. I am looking forward to college to further my skills and enable me to make a positive difference in the world.

Boy Scouts

I was in Boy Scout Troop 1441 for 8 years, during which time I served as co-patrol leader, joined the Order of the Arrow, attended Philmont (a week long backpacking trip), and completed my Eagle Scout. My eagle project benefited the theatre group I am in.

Computer Programming

I have used many programming languages and tools: Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS, Arduino C, Bash, Matlab, Perl, Robot C, NXT-G, TI Basic, Scratch, Eclipse, Android Studio, Git, PTC Creo, and Linux. You can view some of my software projects at

Video Editing

I have edited videos for the theatre group I am in, as well as some skits my family and friends made at a cabin that we visit.

HST Homeschool Theater

I have done stage crew for a theatre group for 4 years, with 4 or 5 shows each year. I also wrote a web application for the group to allow students to write peer reviews for each other.


I took lessons for a few years, and now I compose and play when I have time. Here is a video of me playing at one of the robotics competitions.