Meet the #Snapchat generation where
  they are... on their smartphone

Advise students on ZeeMee like you grew up #Snapping!

  • Help more students gain access directly via smartphone
  • Foster positive digital identity to build an online brand
  • Develop and surface deep character strengths

A proven high-impact technology practice

  • Seamlessly integrate ZeeMee into everyday counseling practice
  • Facilitate powerful student self-reflection
  • Guide students in college discovery through campus video stories
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ZeeMee in Practice

Core Partnerships

Core Partnerships

We are proud to directly support innovative and leading nonprofits, schools, and initiatives that support access, increase outcomes, and create opportunity for all students.

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Education Resources

Education Resources

Working with students? Don't reinvent the wheel. Use our materials and resources including activities, rubrics, worksheets, presentations, and more..

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