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ZeeMee helps students bring their story to life for the college application — as early as 9th grade.

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Rhiannon Carabajal Killian

“Our students get started as early as 8th or 9th grade to help them develop and build their college-going identity.”

Rhiannon Carabajal Killian | YES Prep Public Schools
Houston, TX

Chris White

“Much like Instagram and Snapchat, ZeeMee is fun and familiar to students but serves a more professional purpose.”

Chris White | High Tech High
San Diego, CA

Tessa Barbazonn

“ZeeMee’s professional development for our high school counselors was so valuable”

Tessa Barbazon | Fulton County Schools
Atlanta, GA


ZeeMee exists to help every student share their unique story in the application process for college, scholarships, internships, jobs, and beyond.

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Requested by Colleges

Over 190 (and growing) colleges and universities request ZeeMee directly in their application.

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For Every Application

Students are linking their ZeeMee to every application to gain an edge — college, scholarships, internships and even jobs!

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You can now help every one of your students own their professional, positive, digital identity starting from 9th grade.

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Ready-to-go presentations, rubrics, and lessons to get your students started today.


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ZeeMee 101 Presentation

Introduce ZeeMee to your students with this brief presentation.

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Application-Ready Rubric

Help your students build their ZeeMee with this one-page rubric.

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ZeeMee Curriculum

Go for deeper learning with our curriculum and awesome lesson plans.

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Our YouTube ZIPs provide tips to help your students take their ZeeMee to the next level.

Ep. 1

Adding your Activities

Ep. 2

Building My Story

Ep. 3

Filming the Meet Me Video

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