Henry Lee Bowe, Jr.

Washington, DC
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Morehouse College
Class of 2019

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My Story

My childhood was hectic; I split it between North Carolina with my dad and Washington, D.C. with my mom. I was more influenced by DC's urban environment because the fast pace of the city was appealing to me. North Carolina's rural scene bored me, but being in a predominantly white area was valuable.

Operation Understanding

OUDC is a year long program which brings together 12 African Americans and 12 Jewish high schoolers and teaches them about the history between the two community. It is a three part program: meet twice a month for six months, 24 day summer journey, and facilitation.

LearnServe International

We bring together students from all across the Washington, DC area and prepare them with the skills of business leadership, innovative problem-solving, and cross-cultural fluency. Then we challenge them to lead community-based change in their schools, across the DC region, and around the world.


Basketball has been the most consistent factor of my life. The hardwood is a different realm for me. No matter what team I've played on, my teammates have been like brothers to me and my coaches are some of the most influential male figures in my life.