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Hannah Chapman

Major not declared
North Yarmouth Academy
Class of 2016

My Story

My family is a cluster of the most exciting personalities. We "go forth and have no fear" (X Ambassadors) about what we look like or how we act. So much of who I am is directly related to the variety of traits in my family. As my dad says, "You gotta have thick skin to live in this house."


Ever since my first trip out of the country to England in third grade, I have been in love with Europe and traveling in general. This summer I was country hopping. I went from my immersion program in France for the month of July, back home for a week, and then off again to Ireland with my Mom.

Volunteering at The Root Cellar

Even though I have only been at the Root Cellar since the beginning of school, I feel like I've been there for years because I know all of the kids by name and they always greet me with a hug. I help with their homework which ranges from dimensional analysis to addition. To say the least, I love it.


I am dangerously competitive. I've been playing tennis since I was 6 years old and my Dad and I have competed in tournaments together at Yale. One of my greatest accomplishments in tennis would be becoming #1 in the State of Maine. Now I play on the varsity team where we just won states.


I love the rush you get when the only thing holding you in the boat is your feet wrapped on a little rope. For me, sailing is mostly fun and games. When I started racing Freshman year, I won the costume contest at the Ghost and Goblins Regatta by duct tapping a princess dress to myself.