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Emma (Emu) Haynes

Major not declared
Kimball Union Academy
Class of 2017

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My Story

Hi! My name is Emu and while that may seem like a unique name, it reflects the unique person I am. I was never the typical "teen girl" and instead found interest in different areas of life. Skateboarding, filmmaking, and all of my other passions helped me become the leader I am today.


I picked up my mom's Flip Camera to film myself skateboarding back in 2011 and now it has become my life. I love making short films, films for my school, and skateboarding videos of friends and myself! I want people to see the world through my lens and perspective.


At 10 years old I stepped on the skateboard in my garage and have been riding ever since. Being a girl in a male-dominated sport was tough at first but I was determined to prove myself. I've progressed over the years, learning new tricks, gaining more confidence, and meeting more people worldwide!


After watching School of Rock, I was inspired to be a rock star at just 8 years old. I picked up many instruments; guitar, drums, saxophone, ukulele and piano, and practice daily to learn many songs! I also attended a rock and roll camp, Camp Jam, for many summers.

Student Government

I was recently elected as one of the two Co-All School Presidents at my school and now run our bi-weekly senate meetings as well as our weekly All School Meetings in the Auditorium. I love moving the school forward, keeping spirits high, and making the community a cohesive and happy group!

Campus Activities Board

My Sophomore year I was accepted into the position of Communication Coordinator for our Campus Activities Board. CAB plans many activities for every weekend and my position specifically allows me to run the social media accounts for CAB!


When I was younger, I took golf lessons at the local club but didn't really pick it up until Freshman year. I joined Varsity Golf and was the only girl golfer on the team. I was determined to prove myself and brought on board more girls in the following years. I was the first girl to win a match!