Emma Abramson

Harrison, NY
Majoring in Neuroscience/Business
Tulane University
Class of 2021

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My Story

Neuroscientist by day, youth leader by night. Whether I'm dissecting a brain or recruiting a member to join my youth group, I do whatever I love to do with passion. There are so many exciting things in this world for me to explore, and I'm just in the beginning of my curious journey.


BBYO (B'nai Brith Youth Organization)

BBYO is the leading pluralistic movement for Jewish teens. This organization has given me a transformative experience. Through being Chapter President, Regional VP of Membership & Int'l Co-Chair of the Globlal Networking Commitee, I've gained confidence as a leader and a member of my community.


Freshman and Sophomore year, I was on my high school's debate team, competing in Lincoln-Douglas debate. It gave me the confidence I have today and helped me to be more articulate with my ideas. This was the start to my confidence building and my ability to stand up for myself and my beliefs.

My love for animals

Growing up, I've always loved animals. I especially have the most profound love for my dog, Oliver. I volunteered at an animal rescue center in Costa Rica where I was able to give medical assistance to animals in need. It was a lot of work, but we also got to "monkey around"!