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Derek Crosby

Major not declared
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School
Class of 2017

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My Story

I live in Bridgewater, NJ with my family of six; I'm a triplet, so half the family will hopefully be off somewhere next year! Which is scary for my parents, but I'm very fortunate to say that they're both very supportive of what I want to pursue. And friends? Heck yeah I have friends! Here. Proof.


I was terrified of singing and/or expressing my voice at ALL up until high school, where it's a requirement to receive vocal training at the performing arts program I'm currently in. So I was practically forced to! And it was absolutely inspiring. Now, I love to sing and express my body and voice.


My brother, two friends and I created a band a few years ago, to make some music and some memories. I play the drums. We've played at various venues in New Jersey, playing covers as well as originals, and it's been a really amazing experience to be able to create music with such good friends.


This one should be pretty obvious, but I love to work in theatrical shows when I can get the opportunity to. So far, I've been in two musicals and two plays: Les Mis, Our Town, The Laramie Project, and Sunday in the Park with George. All four have been a wonderful experience and artistic challenge.


Available for friendship, 24/7. The video exemplifies this idea.


Occasionally, friends and I will get together and create short films or music videos. It's inspiring to be able to work with people I'm close with, seeing my friends take on the roles necessary to create this art: the actors, directors, writers, producers...all people I know with a drive to create.