Daniel Miyares

Potomac, MD
Majoring in Business Honors Program, Management Information Systems
University of Texas at Austin
Class of 2019

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My Story

I'm proud to be one of the original ZeeMee users and interns (I can tell you which of the two co-founders is better at table tennis). I followed my passion for the color orange to UT-Austin, where I've immersed myself in the vibrant startup ecosystem and, more importantly, second-to-none BBQ scene.

Executive Director, Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency

My second family is Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency, an arm of student government devoted to supporting student-run entrepreneurship. We run a variety of programs from a student incubator to UT Entrepreneurship Week to securing UT's first coworking space, all in service of student startups.

Executive Tutor, Human Resources Interviewer

Captain, Starting Goalie

On my select-level club soccer team, I lead by example both on and off the field for 5 years. I now captain an intramural team at UT-Austin, and in both cases, I've achieved success in more terms than wins and losses, and treasure the myriad connections I've made and valuable lessons I've learned.

Business Manager, Staff Writer

In high school, I wrote for Churchill’s award-winning newspaper, The Observer, as well as organized fundraisers and assisted in the management of revenue and expenses. I love to write, and feel the experience made me both more aware of the world around me and more connected to my vibrant community.