Let's Do This!

ZeeMee is now in

128 Countries
13,000 High Schools
Our Mission

Bringing stories to life and connecting people with life-changing opportunities.


Why We Do It

We started ZeeMee with the mission to empower all students to bring their story to life. At ZeeMee, we believe every single student has value and unlimited potential and we recognize that through documenting and visualizing their story, they begin to recognize their self-worth. We have educators at ZeeMee that have worked with students in both urban and rural settings. We know from personal experience that many of these students don’t believe their story matters. We are here to change that and help them recognize the power of their personal narrative.

We want to live in a world where your life story matters above all else, because each one is unique. When we respect and appreciate that every human being comes from a different background that influences their ideas, their beliefs and their values, we begin to embrace one another with understanding and appreciation.

At ZeeMee, we honor your story and are on a mission to empower every student to share their narrative in a way that gives justice to who you truly are.

Your Story Matters.

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